Fighting against COVID-19

In order to reduce the risk of infection, we encourage our employees to work from home, and for those who do come to work, we encourage staggered working hours, keep attendance to a minimum to avoid close contact, and take all possible precautions such as wearing masks, washing hands and using alcohol.

In the event that an infected person occurs at our firm, we will take appropriate measures under the guidance of the public health center, and if any of our business partners had contact with the infected person within one week prior to the onset of infection, or if any of our business partners is judged by the public health center to be a close contact of the infected person, we will follow the instructions of the health authorities and disclose the information in an appropriate manner.
In terms of protecting individual privacy, we will refrain from disclosing any personally identifiable information.

We will continue to make every effort to prevent the spread of infection throughout the company.