Providing correct medical information enables us
contribute to the realization of a healthy society.

As a "marketing company" in the medical industry, we are creating the hopeful future for pharmaceutical companies, patients, and their families.

New ways of living and working are expanding with a focal topic of SDGs and spread of a new virus.
We are working and thinking about human lives and quality of life, QOL, under this changing society.
In this medical field, advances in medical science with regenerative medicine and gene therapy, and in medical care using online care and medical devices with AI technology will become widespread. It is also our responsibility to drive this change.

We never stop learning.
We consider communication with people is the most important thing and provide new communication services every day.

Each of us is aware of freedom and responsibility, and strives to provide new value to the world. We will continue to contribute for a better society as a leader in the medical information provision business and communication services.

Chief Executive Officer
Takeshi Matsuoka