Job description

Our department has two teams, the creative team and the digital team.
To enhance the brand value, the creative team mainly designs key visuals that will be the core of the brand and symbolic logo marks.
Also, we transfer difficult medical information to understandable layout and design the print media.
Recently, digital technology is rapidly evolved and communication tools change day by day.
We actively use new tools internally to streamline our work.
The digital team produces tools using websites and devices to suit the clients' web environment.
By increasing the number of staff, we make in-house production and create an environment where we can always provide high quality products.
Now e-detailing is required since Medical Representative visit regulations are becoming stricter year by year and COVID-19 makes it impossible to carry out activities.
We make investments positively in preparation for the time of remote work and remote detailing.
In March 2020, we newly opened Kanda MIKURA STUDIO.
It is soundproof and professional staff is stationed at the studio. We can do doctor interview filming and narration recording without outsourcing.
We face the time of 5G and a shift from text to video, then digitalization becomes more important.