Job description

In order to become a reliable partner for our clients, it is important to carefully understand not only the actualized needs but also the hidden needs.
We supervise whole projects and manage schedules, budgets and staffing for the project progress.
We quickly respond to unexpected situations and make adjustment. Then we will successfully promote our products without any trouble. The situation of manufacturing approval application and sales approval to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare always changes, so it is necessary to manage the schedule in detail.
We communicate with the project team members and quickly produce high quality materials to meet the client's desired delivery date.
We manage the sales and cost of the project by considering clients' budgets with referring to past results. If outsourcing costs are occurred, we manage the costs too.
Considering finances, we will provide better products that meet the needs of clients.
Basically, we assign internal staff, but depending on the content of the request, we may request to an external Vendor.
We manage projects adopting opinions of vendors and internal staff.
The pharmaceutical industry environment has changed significantly over the last few years. Pharmaceutical companies used to focus on the lifestyle-related illnesses market and increase sales due to the number of Medical Representative visits. In recent years, they focus on specialty markets such as cancer, the central nervous system and rare diseases. Marketing style is changing, and it is important to deliver highly specialized information as appropriate and then a digital marketing method with the latest technology is required.
In this new trend, we constantly collect information and analyze the status quo. Then we provide the best solutions to our clients' challenges and become a true partner.